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My dearest ferret and best friend Cooper passed away on September 8, 2017. I got him from Friends of the Ferret Den rescue on April 24, 2014. I believe he was an angel sent to me to comfort me and give me love and companionship.Cooper loved to cuddle. Most of the time, I could pick him and put him on my chest, and he would stay and let me pet him, kiss him and love him. Cooper was the best, most meaningful part of my life.

He was 4 years old when I got him, which is middle-aged for a ferret. He was more active then. He would go behind the stove, so I had to block off the stove so he couldn't get behind it. He also like to sleep on top of the smaller ferret cage, and in one of the my desk drawers. As he got older, I think it got too much for him to climb to these places, so he started spending his time lower to the ground.

Cooper was diagnosed with insulinoma after he turned 6, I knew our time together would come to an end. He lived with this disease for just over a year and four months. The last month of his life, he aged tremendously. His fur coat became sparse and thin, and I could feel his hip bones and ribs when we cuddled. He had always been a good eater but on September 3, I couldn't get him to eat and my good friend Mary cared for him, giving him fluids every 2 hours, hoping that he would recover and start eating on his own. He only became worse and it was apparent the best thing for Cooper was to release him from his suffering.

I can't wait to see Cooper again.